Whenever I see your colour in clouds
in a land fully dry and calling aloud..

My heart becomes cheerful,
And tears comes in joy,

I smiled at your lighting voice,
And chant at every soft thundering voice,

I feel your hands through the breeze,
And the nectar drops for the fruit in seeds,

I don’t know what I start remembering,
Whenever I see you coming, I start trembling,

You hold me with your soothing smell from soil,
And hug me with your pure wind from sky;

I feel enlighten from the light of your blissful sight,
You give me precious patience and peace in my mind;

This rain is just a blessing and mercy upon life,
O Krishna! I am your servant and you are my only guide…. 🙂




तेरे दर्मियान

कितनी मिन्नतों का ये प्यार, काश! सदा रहती वो साथ,
कसमो से इसके खेल हजार, कुछ अस्क गिरे थे कई बार,

मेरे लिए एक ढलता आवाम, मुझ पर ये तेरा प्यार,
महरुमियत से सजी एक शाम, मेहेक में तेरे स्पर्श हजार,

ना जानी मैंने तेरी संगति, नयनों से तेरे, मेरा साथ,
नसीब की ये बातें, नटखट अदाओं से तेरी वो पहचान, .

चली थी तुम कभी साथ, चंचल नूपुर की झंकार,
चाहत में तेरी चहकता एहसास, चेहरे को चूमती तेरी हर बात,

हाथो में सरकता हुआ हाथ, तेरी हसी की वो यादाश्शत,
हमसफ़र नहीं, ना रही हमदम, हसरतों की वो अधूरी प्यास,

जज्बात गिरफ्तार हुए आज, जबरदस्ती की धड़कन से होती रही आवाज़,
जब होगी रात फरमाइशो की, जकरन से तेरी रुकसत होगा मेरा प्यार।।


it_photo_94960        Kuch baatein yuhi kahi to nahi jaati,

kai baatein aankhe bhi bayaa nahi kar paati

Kisi rail ki thar-tharahat mein shayad hai woh baat

Ya hai kisi pool ke sannatein mein…

Yeh jo kaath le taalein hain, apne lafzon par kyun daale hain

Ek ajeeb si narazgi sabhi ne paale hain!

Kabhi khil-khilati thi mere honthon ki hasi,

Aaj aalam hai ki murjhaye phool bhi humse sayaane hain…

Dil ki baatein dil ko hi satati hai,

Aa jayen agar lafzon tak toh apno ko rulati hain…

Zindagi badi ruhaani hai, harr mod ek nayi kahani hai,

Kuch baatein yunhi sunani hain

Kai baatein aankhon se samjhani hai…


I am so much into thinking now, past future present. Actually, I am missing the present right now. I remember the dream in which HG Radheshyam Pr came… It was just before ISKCON summer camp time and I was thinking about my future career and KC life which was not yet decided … I don’t remember if I was thinking about HG Radheshyam Pr or hearing his lecture before sleeping but still, he came maybe this was God’s grace… In any way, I was feeling fortunate…  In my dream, I remember it was blissful morning and we were sitting under a tree on wrap which made around the tree very beautifully…  he asked me by pointed his finger in one direction – ”can you see something there?… I tried to see something ut unable to see anything tangible or meaningful… He again said– try to see there, see that is your past, try to focus”… But I neither was able to see anything nor able to understand anything.. Then Prabhu asked do you see anything? I said “no Prabhu..”… He said “how you will be able to see, it is gone”.. Then again he pointed his finger in opposite direction and asked me again “see there, your future is standing there…maxresdefault

“.. And again I was confused and bewildered and I asked – where Prabhu, where ? “see na, it is so clear, just try to focus..” and I was thinking, how it is that he can see, I can’t… At last, he again asked me did you saw your future?” and my answer was same as previous- ”no Prabhu” … then he said with the smile- ”how can you see, it has not yet come…. And by the way, in all this you lost you PRESENT also” .. I was watching his shining face which was decorated with beautiful tilak and the eternal bliss of faith which he had on his guru and KRISHNA… A fragrance of Chandan was constantly coming from his body and Kanthi mala of  Prabhuji, what he told was just fantabulous… I understood what he wanted to convey to me… My heart filled with gratitude, and I was feeling blessed ..  Then he said – try to focus on this moment, Prabhu… or you will lose your Present which Lord is sending every in the pack of moments. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder and glanced straight into my eyes, at every moment I felt very surrendered and calm with no anxiety and zero distress… I was relishing that moment bit by bit and after that,  that happened which happens with every dream… It broke off course. And I was again in this tottering material world with the lot of anxiety, desires, and distress… Here I was the same person which I was before… That dream entered my mind but couldn’t enter my heart… and I again lost in this illusion of my existence.




Saturday, February 10, 2018

7:28 PM

    1. Watching porn excessively.
    2. Masturbating too much.
    3. Having sex with strangers.
    4. Having unsafe sex.
    5. Getting involved in extra-marital affairs.
    6. Eye up girls/boys on a regular basis.
    7. Spending huge amounts of time on social websites.
    8. Randomly browsing the Internet.
    9. Too much dependence on Google search.
    10. Confining to his/her comfort zone.
    11. Chasing girls and money.
    12. Choosing wrong life partner.
    13. Avoiding meditation.
    14. Wasting too much time on Quora.

      Life is What it is, to remain what you really are… Know yourself…
    15. Not doing physical exercise.
    16. Not reading books.
    17. Choosing wrong career path.
    18. Chasing fame and power instead of vision and excellence.
    19. Satisfying everyone.
    20. Not using smartphones wisely.
    21. Not studying.
    22. Becoming a work addict.
    23. Spending less time with family.
    24. Neglecting the old friends.
    25. Procrastinating everything.
    26. Smoking cigarettes and taking drugs(Cocaine,Heroin,Marijuana).
    27. Neglecting parents at their old age.
    28. Trying to be a ‘nice guy’ all the time.
    29. Getting in a toxic relationship.
    30. Overlooking depositing money every month.
    31. Drinking too much alcohol.
    32. Wasting money to buy luxury but unnecessary stuffs.
    33. Giving top priority on physical appearance to choose life partner.
    34. Taking suicidal attempts after break up.
    35. Imitating porn on bed with girl friend/boy friend.
    36. Trying to be a perfectionist.
    37. Taking life seriously.
    38. Failing to accept limitation
    39. Hate other religion except your own.
    40. Involved with one sided relationship and love someone desperately,Who does not love you back.
    41. Being emotional rather than practical for taking important decision in life.
    42. Continuing to work for an ass hat boss.
    43. Playing too safe in life.Example- Staying in job or relationship you don’t like,less fun or adventure, procrastinating to chase your dream.




Saturday, February 10, 2018

7:39 PM

Who wants to get separated but it is the nature of material life, everything is temporary. Today she is happy in her life, leading somewhat successful life. She has made her family proud, completed her graduation, now she has a Job, which is now a big thing for an Engineer to get. Her love life is fine as well, she has one boyfriend too ( I don’t know officially or not but she told me he proposes her and they are from the same cast, so, she will be Happy with him). I ran a lot, really very much… It’s been 5 years, that’s a really long period for me and I was still waiting for her.. I couldn’t find myself in this journey… It’s like I was searching at the wrong place .. My heart really aches, my ego really pains and crushing sounds come every time I try to talk to her. She is really busy now, tears swirl through my eyes when I know she is gone….. Forever and ever. It is like two souls met for some time, dwindle together and parted their ways eventually. It really seems meaningless to me now, but that conditioning and attachment still remain. While she handled it very maturely. Anyways, life is like this only, it gives something and takes away somethings. I saved her phone number as GONE because now I believe her about her statements that she doesn’t love me anymore… Now, she is just my friend, a good friend with whom I tried to have a relationship. A relationship which never started but took my 5 years and gave me a poet, reader, runner, truth seeker in exchange and somewhat made me more Religious. And I am grateful to her but sad that I couldn’t thank her personally because now she is Gone, gone to her life where she is what is she is, rather than someone’s girl. This is her choice and I dutifully respect her decision, although painful but a raw truth. She was my first crush which eventually turned up to be Love but lost and suffered miserably.


download (2)



1. Mango Mastani at Sujata Mastani

This Pune specialty will have you asking, “Is it a milkshake or is it an ice-cream?” The answer to that is, “It’s a combination of the two that is also the most delicious rendering imaginable of your favorite flavor.” The Mango Mastani at Pune-born Sujata Mastani can evoke quite a few heavenly emotions in the foodie. The outlet has many branches, but the oldest remains the best if you want to try this delicacy. However, this Pune original has one drawback – it’s seasonal to the summer months!

Location: Nimbalkar Talim Chowk, Sadashiv Peth


2. Chocolate toast at Flavours

The chocolate toast is another dish that became popular in a handcart on the streets of Koregaon Park. ‘Flavours’ has come a long way since then, but the authenticity and delectable taste of its chocolate toast has not changed with fame. The chocolate toast at Flavours was almost one of a kind when it first caught the people’s imagination and has inspired many others to recreate the dish. But as many Pune locals will tell you, there is no other chocolate toast such as the one at Flavours, which is tasty enough to convert chocolate haters into chocolate addicts!

Location: Wanowrie; Fergusson College Road; Bibvewadi; Pimple Saudagar

3. Pani Puri at Om Jai Shankar Pani Puriwala



The Pani Puri at Om Jai Shankar Pani Puriwala can easily take your mind away from the fact that you’re in one of the most crowded, noisy, and bustling localities of Pune city. Available with the traditional potato filling or a ragda one, Jaishankar’s pani puri will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Its mouth-watering taste attracts people from all over town and has now forced the establishment to open another outlet. And they are both equally good!

Location: Babajaan Chowk, Camp; Wanowrie


4. Aloo paratha at Chaitanya

One of the earliest parathas to make a name for itself, the aloo paratha at Chaitanya continues to remain a favorite in spite of growing competition. From college-goers to working professionals and from couples to families, the aloo paratha is a classic that caters to everyone. Just make sure to get there before you get ravenous – you will probably have to wait a while to get a table, and the aromas won’t help your wait any!

You will be delighted by its exceptional taste which you find nowhere but here. The perfect stuffing of potatoes with tinge of onion will make you feel different from this world.

Location: Ferguson College Road



Image result for veg cheese sandwich

One of the most demanded offered food of Pune, offered because it is offered first to lord then served. So, you are going to relish the higher taste this time. And another Unique thing about this foodstuff is that it don’t contain any Onion and Garlic but still you will get even more pleasure and you will not even bother about onion and Garlic. The cheese dripping out from the center mixing with different veggies will make you forget all misery of this world.

Location: ISKCON NVCC, Katraj-knodhwa pune


A very famous quote from Mother Teresa says ‘ The main problem of the people is not the hunger of stomach but the hunger of Hearts’. This actually impels us to think beyond this material world and take out some quality time from our Rush Hours for ourselves to look inside our Hearts. For our quality time, we need a quality place. What can be a better place for us than A Temple where we can reconnect with our real self and can have divine experience which nourishes not only our emotions but soul as well. This helps us to develop our Spiritual quotient (SQ) which is nothing but a part of Self Motivation which makes us stand up in tough times.

Our very city is full of such spiritual places where one can take a brief pause from his/her tight schedule to dwell upon and establish a unique relationship with Supreme. So, let’s look at some of the most Popular such places of PUNE.


These are some Popular temples of Pune where one can really relish the devotion in their hearts. One of the temple which is really near to the heart of masses is ISKCON NVCC.


This temple is situated in Katraj kondwa , near Shatrunjay mandir, new vedic cultural centre, PUNE.  It was recently inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of Nityananda Tryodshi which falls on 23 February 2013 and the President of India Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the Vedic Cultural Centre of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). It is now one of the prime locations of Pune and it’s popularity is increasing day by day.

The President of this Temple is RADHESHYAM DAS who is an M.TECH Gold Medalist from IIT Bombay.  He Has been a Junior Research Fellow and Senior Design Executive at THERMAX and CECRI. He was Inspired by His Holiness Bhakti Rasamrta maharaja’s scientific presentation of Krishna Consciousness philosophy. He has published a five-volume series on ‘spirituality for modern youth’ – ’, ‘Your best friend’, Ýour Secret Journey’ etc. A very attractive and Pleasing personality to meet.



Whoever will visit this temple will be mesmerized to see the interior of this temple and what to say of just temple hall, the beauty of Radha Vrinda Chandra diety will steal your heart and you will be enchanted by the chanting of the HARE KRISHNA maha-mantra which is sung most of the time in the temple hall. In the left side of Radha Vrindavan Chandra diety is the Gaur-Nitay deities( GAURANGA and NITYANANDA) which are considered as the incarnations of Krishna and Balram in Kalyuga. And in the right side of Radha Vrinda Chandra deities are Jagannath-Baladeva-Subhadra which are ecstatic incarnations of Krishna-Balram and Subhadra from Satyuga. It is said that if anyone will concentrate on the Transcendental beauties of these deities, he/she can control his/her anger, lust, greed, pride and envy which eats our hearts on daily basis. Results are proven, one can try if he/she has any doubt.This place is spiritually very vibrant. The transcendental vibration of holy name HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE will take you to another level of consciousness and one will feel bliss and peace in the heart. It is a proven fact and practiced by many. And this temple also has a very opulent deity of Lord Balaji on little back side of this temple which is a major point of attraction for south Indians who visits.


Other than it’s overwhelming and attractive Deities, Temple organizes many events and most of them are  Youth Programs. Recently on 7th January,  it organizes Jagannath Rath Yatra, a Chariot festival which is celebrated as a Grand Festival in Puri, Orissa. It is the oldest festival which is celebrated in India in the month of July every year.

Temple also organizes different courses for college students like Me and my Mind, Discover yourself, Art of Self Management which helps the Youth of society to focus on the goal of life and get desirable success in life. Anyone can register for the Programs in Temple itself, these Programs are helping hundreds of College students.

Another event is the BOOK MARATHON where books like BHAGWAD GITA as it is, are distributed just at its printing price not only in Pune but all over the world and majorly in the month of December which is celebrated as Gita Jayanti because it is said that Krishna told Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna in this month only, 5000 years back in Kurukshetra, Uttar Pradesh.


One of the most attractive parts of this temple is its Restaurants named as GOVINDAS. Where you will relish the higher taste of foods which are your favorites like Pani-puri, rash-malai, lassi, cake, and many more other delicious items. Each and every food items of this restaurant are offers to Lord Krishna first. So, one can get the mercy with higher Taste. And the food which you will get here don’t contain onion and garlic so, if you are from Jain or strict Brahman background then this is the place for you my friend.


It has this very cool shop just below the temple for shopping where one get different items for themselves and their family as a gift. It has different books and scriptures like Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwatam, Nectar of Devotion etc. which one can get on reasonable price. If one wants some decorative kinds of stuff for the home, it is the right place for him as well.

It is highly recommended to visit these spiritually exhaulted place ones in a while and if one can go on Festival days then you will be Pleased with all aspect from Body-mind to Soul.